A map of the site

Measurements of the site showing it as we found it

We had thought that we would do a proper survey of the site. Unfortunately, it was too overgrown and we weren’t sure how safe the piles of vegetation around the shed were for standing on. So, we had to content ourselves with simple measurements.

The plot is supposed to be 100 square metres. Looking at the measurements, this would suggest that the plot starts where the choisia is, and that the shed is not on the actual plot itself – which is a bonus! (There is a short piece of pipe in the corner where the choisia is, which could be a plot marker.)

It looks as though the site hasn’t been cultivated for some time. It is possible that parts of the site were abandoned only recently, such as the area where canes have been set out (possibly for runner beans). But it does look like some of the site hasn’t been cultivated for three or four years.

It’s likely that, apart from the choisias and the phygelius (not some sort of fuscia, as first thought), most of the plants were self seeded.The raspberry canes, large brambles and the two trees probably all self seeded.

It’s going to take quite a bit of work to clear it. We only did about an hour’s hacking on Monday and, although it was great fun, we certainly knew all about it the next day!

We’re going to need some help!

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