Clearing the plot

view of the allotment on a cold afternoon in early January 2017

We made a bit of headway with trimming the choisia and brambles on our first visit. But at the rate we are able to work, we very quickly realised that we would need help. Neither of us is in the first flush of youth nor are we particularly able. With the best will in the world, transforming the allotment from overgrown wilderness to a blank canvas that could become a productive growing space is not something that we could do on our own.

To our rescue came our good friends Elisa Contreras and Rodney Williams of The Secret Garden. They got to work with great gusto. Using various hand tools, power tools, muscle and sweat, they cleared most of the vegetation.

Here’s a glimpse of the The Secret Garden team in action:

As well as working on the actual plot itself, one of the things Elisa and Rodney were also able to help with was the path to the plot.

Some of the access ways have not been well maintained. It’s possible to get through on foot but Andrew is a wheelchair user and we need about a metre to get the mobility scooter safely through. Things are particularly difficult at the moment because the ground is so muddy.

There is a lot to do, however, and we need to make sure that we don’t tread on the toes of our (as yet unknown) neighbours, so the access path is still a work in progress.

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