End of April tour of the plot

On the face of it, the allotment looks pretty similar to how it looked at the end of March. This is partly because much of the obvious activity has happened in the greenhouse, and partly because the things that we’ve planted – mainly potatoes – have yet to show much growth.

But we have come a long way. It’s good to look back to remind ourselves of the progress we’re making.

April started with the exciting news that our blog was featured in Grow Your Own magazine.

Page from Grow Your Own magazine featuring our blog

Andrew made a sign for the allotment using a pyrography tool. This meant that we were complying with regulations because we were once again displaying our plot number.

Andrew and Sandra posing with the handmade allotment sign

We planted our chitted first early potatoes. Rolling back the geotextile revealed a host of pale, leggy weeds that all needed to be dug out before the potatoes could be planted.

An array of weeds hidden under the weed suppressing membrane

We continued to sow seeds and pricked out seedlings in the greenhouse. Andrew won some Purple Prince zinnia seeds from Mr Fothergill so we have several trays vying for space among the veggies.

Andrew holding a tray of seedlings in the greenhouse

We were given a couple of tools by our good friend David – a soil miller and an oscillating hoe. We cleaned them up and they proved very useful in helping to keep the weeds down.

Our soil miller and oscillating hoe

We were asked by Westland if we woud be interested in reviewing some of their products and began with a selection of Unwin’s seeds.

Andrew in the greenhouse holding packets of seeds

Immediate jobs for may are planting the main crop potatoes that have just arrived. We will also try to harden off some of our greenhouse

Once again we are grateful to Richard Anderson of Anderson Landscapes for continued use of his greenhouse.


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