A simple courgette salad

Our courgettes are producing a bumper crop on the Quest For Veg allotment plot.

Colourful courgettes - a selection of different varieties from the allotment

This versatile vegetable can be added to any number of dishes – and we have been enjoying them in our usual curries and pasta sauces. But when they are this young and fresh, they are fantastic eaten simply as a salad.
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Help! Our radishes have bolted!

We were just getting over the shock of discovering that we really like radishes when our plants stopped producing the tasty and colourful edible roots that had become a regular feature on our dinner plates.

When we first sowed the aptly named Scarlet Globe back at the beginning of April, neither of us liked radishes. I’m not quite sure why we planted so many. We had new raised beds to fill and had somehow acquired the seeds, so thought we’d give them a go. ¬†And thank goodness we did: they are delicious! We’ve had them in salads, roasted them and even added them to curries.

A bunch of Scarlet Globe radishes

Scarlet Globe

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