End of May round up and tour of the plot

The Quest For Veg plot at the end of May 2017
May has been an exciting and busy time on the Quest for Veg plot. As you can see in our video diary, we have more than just potatoes in the ground now! But it has been hard work and there is so much to do we are in danger of not keeping up with it all.

In May, we were delighted to get our first harvest of radishes and discovered a love for these little red gems that we hitherto unaware of!

A bunch of newly harvested radishes

We had a little bit of damping off in the greenhouse but most of what we sowed germinated and grew successfully. So much so, that space became an issue.

Lots of plants in the greenhouse
We needed a means of hardening off our plants at the plot so that we could start bringing things over from the greenhouse. Luckily, we inherited a tunnel cloche and were able to fix it up and use it successfully.

The tunnel cloche in operation
It was then a question of getting our plants in the ground. This is hard work because everywhere has to have a thorough weeding before we can plant or sow. Here’s what we are confronted with when we roll back the geo-textile.

Weeds - mostly raspberries - growing under the geotextile
The only thing we have been a bit disappointed by has been the sweet potato slips we ordered from Marshalls. This is what they looked like when they arrived. The enclosed instructions said ‘don’t worry if they look a bit wilted’!

Sweet potato slips just out of the box and looking wilted
We put them in water as advised, Roots are forming and here’s how they’re getting on.

Sweet potato slips 2 weeks later - roots are forming
One slip did not survive, which is disappointing as they are relatively expensive – each is worth a fraction under £2.

It does seem that there ought to be a better way of supplying these cuttings given that it is alarming to receive something seemingly in such a poor state.

If we decide to grow these next year, we will definitely be looking for an alternative supplier or will look at generating our own slips.


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