A simple courgette salad

Our courgettes are producing a bumper crop on the Quest For Veg allotment plot.

Colourful courgettes - a selection of different varieties from the allotment

This versatile vegetable can be added to any number of dishes – and we have been enjoying them in our usual curries and pasta sauces. But when they are this young and fresh, they are fantastic eaten simply as a salad.

Yesterday’s lunch consisted of young courgettes sliced very thinly, tossed in rapeseed oil and seasoned with salt and pepper. Keeping it simple allows you to enjoy the delicate flavour.

Young courgettes sliced and tossed in seasoned oil
I simply added a little grated cheddar. But toasted pine nuts and a squeeze of lemon juice would work very well – I just need to remember to add them to the shopping list!

What’s your favourite way to enjoy courgettes?


One thought on “A simple courgette salad

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