The Quest for Veg

End of June round up and tour of the plot


It’s hard to believe this is month six on the Quest for Veg plot. We’ve come a long way from the overgrown and neglected site we took on at the beginning of the year.

We’re knee deep in courgettes. I think we’ll be reviewing how many plants we actually need to put in next year!

Our courgettes are producing a bumper harvest

We’ve added courgettes to salads, curries and the usual pasta sauces. We weren’t keen on courgette martini but can heartily recommend this recipe for courgette, potato and cheddar soup; it’s a delicious way to use up a glut.

But our radishes bolted

We’ve not done quite so well with our radishes this month. Following a fantastic harvest of Scarlet Globe our later sowings have all bolted. We cleared a space in the raised bed to try again but, as you can see in our video, this has since been over taken by pumpkins and courgettes. It might have to be third time lucky!

Andrew filming our Karl Longbottom bird scarer

You will also see our bird scarer which has been designed by fabulously talented kitemaker, Karl Longbottom. We’ve had a lot of interest and positive feedback from our neighbours who all seem to be growing soft fruit.

We published fewer posts on the blog this month. This was partly because of the amount of work in keeping up with ferrying plants from the greenhouse, weeding, watering and harvesting. It’s also because we spent quite a lot of time on a post about choosing the right fertilizer which was started in May but published in the middle of June. It turned out to be more challenging than we had anticipated trying to turn a complex and sciency subject into an easy to understand guide.

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And so on to July!

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