Are our potatoes ready?

Putting a fork under a potato plant
How do you know when its time to harvest potatoes? The general rule of thumb for first early potatoes seems to be that you start digging once the plants have flowered.

Well the first potatoes we put in – Red Duke of York – flowered some time ago. Could it be that they are ready to harvest?

There was only one way to find out. We decided to stick a fork under one of the plants to see if there was anything to dig up. Here’s how we got on:

We harvested 1kg of potatoes from this plant.

1 kilo of Red Duke of York potatoes

So what are they like?

As you can see, Red Duke of York have eye-catching red skins – unusual for a first early. But cut them open and inside you’ll find a creamy white flesh.

They have a beautiful nutty flavour and feel sort of floury, even though they are not.

Definitely a potato worth growing.

Sliced Red Duke of York reveals the sparkling white flesh

How long has it taken to get to this stage?

We began chitting these potatoes at the beginning of March.

close up of a potato chitting

We planted our first earlies during the second week of April.

Chitted Red Duke of York potatoes placed in the planting trench 

So, that’s 17 weeks from chitting and 13 weeks from planting for our first harvest.


3 thoughts on “Are our potatoes ready?

  1. Is that the whole crop in the pic? 13 potatoes. I have to say thats more thn I got when I dug up my first plant. Seems a long time to wait and lots of effort for such puny results. Thy did taste nice but hardly enough for a family. I chucked them in a stew.

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    • Hi Rosalind – yes, that’s what we got from one plant. They weighed just over 1kg. We have yet to harvest the others so I don’t know whether the others will be as good. What variety were you growing?


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