A shelving unit for the shed

A view of the shed from across the plot with Andrew sitting inside surrounded by parts of the shelving unit

You know how it is, you get a new shed and think you’ve just built a Tardis. Look at all that space, you say. Oh, the possibilities.

Perhaps you will put in two (maybe even three!) easy chairs and there you will sit, making tea and bacon rolls over a camping stove, admiring your beautifully manicured allotment.

Perhaps there will be a Welsh dresser (painted a heritage colour) behind you, a rug on the floor. Perhaps George Clarke will drop by to admire your handiwork over a chilled glass of something fizzy.

And then all of a sudden the shed is full of stuff. And not chairs and Welsh dressers, either. It’s all the stuff that didn’t previously have a home: rakes, hoes, bamboo canes, spades, my fork, our little draper cart.

It’s full of bags with potatoes because we finally dug them up since we now had somewhere to store them.

And then there are the plastic bags with all the sundries we’d either had to bring with us every time or hide in the compost bin. Plant pots, string, tubs of fertiliser, bottles of tomato food, hand tools. And it now takes five minutes to find my gardening gloves because I can never remember which bag they’re in.

Time to get organised!

Hanging up the tools was the easy part, which is to say that Andrew did it. That at least got a lot of the tools off the floor. But what we really needed was shelves.

And so it was that we found ourselves in Homebase last weekend buying the Handy Storage Unit. What it lacked in rustic Welsh charm, it made up for in convenience.

The box lid of the Handy shelving unit

It looked to be about the right size and seemed to compare well with what we’d seen online. And it was only £20.70, which seemed reasonable. So, we got two!

What we liked is that the long legs of the metal frame are joined half way up. This means you can either build it as one set of four shelves or two sets of two shelves.

Andrew using a hammer to tap the shelf parts together

The only tool required to assemble the shelving unit was a mallet. Unfortunately, that was the only tool we didn’t have with us on the plot. But we did have a hammer, which did the job.

Andrew clips the frame of one of the shelves into place

Assembly was relatively quick and would have been even quicker if we’d followed the instructions. (We thought the shelf supports might work better the other way up and found out the hard way why they didn’t.)

As you can see in the photo above, you guide the shelf supports into position you want and tap them down into place.

Above is half a unit which has been completed.

The only slight issue was that the small plastic feet kept falling off. So, we’ll need to bring some glue down to the plot to secure them in place. But we may sit the unit on block of wood anyway to spread the load as the feet are rather narrow.

And finally a picture of Andrew posing with the finished article.

It was good to get some of our tools and equipment up off the shed floor and out of the assorted carrier bags. Now we can see what we’ve got and we can get to it easily. Result!

3 thoughts on “A shelving unit for the shed

  1. That Welsh Rustic Charm (a thin veneer of rust/algae) will come with time 😉.

    Good to know about shelving units, that’s pretty cheap. You can never have too much shelving! I bought some Gardman greenhouse shelving, a bit flimsy and had to put plastic ties on the metal grille to stop it falling off but still pretty good, and two packs for £25. Your shelves look a bit more robust!

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