Thompson and Morgan blogged us

Screenshot of the Thompson and Morgan blog postThe good folks at Thompson and Morgan have included our Quest for Veg blog on their own blog.

We’re thrilled to have been included in their feature, Blogs to inspire you to grow your own.

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This weekend we took part in the #mygardenrightnow garden bloggers meme.

Michelle Chapman of the Veg Plotting blog suggested that we all take a photo of ourselves in our garden (or allotment) at some point over the weekend of 4-5 March 2017. The idea was to show what everyone’s garden looks like at the end of winter.

So here we are on the Quest For Veg plot.

Andrew and Sandra posing with recently aquired herbs in front of the Quest for Veg raised beds

Posing with recently acquired herbs in front of our raised beds


Facing the other way with the empty plot behind us

To be honest, it was a flying visit because we had a big family birthday on the Saturday and a greenhouse to sort out on the Sunday (more of which later). So, we just popped in to check on our rhubarb and the half a dozen herb plants that we bought last weekend. And to pull faces at the one or two weeds daring to show themselves on our freshly weeded ground!

If you want to see what other participants were up to, go to Twitter or Instagram and search for #mygardenrightnow. Enjoy!