How to guides

Andrew has many years of horticultural experience but I’m just starting out. So, below are a selection of our posts that I’ve found helpful in terms of learning how to do stuff and why.

Growing success advanced slug killerControlling slugs and snails

We run through the options and explain what we’re using to during the 2017 growing season.


Garden centres shelves packed with an array of different fertilisersChoosing the right fertiliser

Fertilisers provide plant nutrients. But what nutrients do your plants need and how do you know what to use?


Preventing damping off disease

There is currently no treatment for damping off disease available to domestic gardeners in the UK. But what is it and what can you do to reduce your chances of getting it?

How to prick out seedlings

In this video, Andrew demonstrates how to handle seedlings during pricking out.

Chitting potatoes – my top 5 questions answered!

Chitting is the process of causing potatoes to sprout before you plant them. But how do you chit and why do you need to do it in the first place? In this post, I asked Andrew my top five chitting questions. Don’t forget to check out the comments area.

Coping with couch grass

A problem it seems almost everyone has. It might seem as though you’re fighting a losing battle when it comes to couch grass, but with perseverance and a little bit of understanding about how it grows and survives, it is possible to keep it at bay. In coping with couch grass, we explain how.

The quest for a hand cultivator

It’s hard to find a good hand cultivator. Most don’t have the prongs at the right angle. In the quest for a hand cultivator, Andrew explains what the hand cultivator is for and how it should be used.