Recipe: beetroot leaves and spaghetti 

Title graphic: beetroot leaves and spaghetti
Almost without trying, we grew some beetroot. We bought a packet of Unwins Gourmet Mix from the garden centre, sprinkled them into the soil and, apart from a bit of watering, pretty much left them to it.

And look what they produced: stunning colourful orbs that tasted as good as they looked.

Their characteristic earthy flavour had a delicious sweetness. We immediately grated one of the white ones raw into a salad. Wonderful!
Red, orange, pink and white beetroot.
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Controlling slugs and snails

A patty pan seedling with its stem eaten through

A patty pan seedling with its stem eaten through

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We’ve mentioned previously that we have a big problem with slugs and snails on the Quest for Veg allotment plot.

A few weeks ago we planted out the climbing beans we had been nurturing in the greenhouse only to return to the plot and find that the whole lot had been devastated overnight. Their leaves had gone and the stems had been stripped.

Our beans had the leaves and stems stripped

Our beans were stripped overnight

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