Quick and easy Vegetarian lunchΒ 

Take two courgettes- how big will depend how hungry you are. I used a variety we grew Β “Zephyr”.

Two yellow courgettes on a black worktop
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Recipe: beetroot leaves and spaghettiΒ 

Title graphic: beetroot leaves and spaghetti
Almost without trying, we grew some beetroot. We bought a packet of Unwins Gourmet Mix from the garden centre, sprinkled them into the soil and, apart from a bit of watering, pretty much left them to it.

And look what they produced: stunning colourful orbs that tasted as good as they looked.

Their characteristic earthy flavour had a delicious sweetness. We immediately grated one of the white ones raw into a salad. Wonderful!
Red, orange, pink and white beetroot.
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