We have bean impressed

Here’s a recipe I came across for preserving french beans. Although we didn’t plant a lot of climbing french beans, we thought we would invest some of our limited crop and try it out.

Preserved beans

We used the pickling vinegar jars to preserve the beans

Having discovered this recipe just as I was harvesting what seemed to be the last of the bean crop, I got straight down to work and processed them quickly.

The recipe is so simpleWash and remove any stems and cut to length of preserving jar

  • Heat pickling vinegar in a pan
  • Blanch beans in the vinegar 1-2 minutes
  • Drain the beans and place in preserving jar (long jars look better as the beans don’t need to be trimmed to fit)
  • Fill the jar with the beans and top up with good quality olive oil covering beans
  • Apply airtight lid
  • Label with date as the beans will keep for up to a year
  • The recipe says that the vinegar can be re-used but quite a lot of it evaporates away, leaving the home smelling very spicy, and nipping the eyes.
  • When the beans have been consumed, the preserving oil can also be used – and is delicious!

We have thoroughly enjoyed these beans. They’re very crisp and tasty. They retain their crunch and have a slightly sharp vinegary flavour.

We tend to serve them cold, as an accompaniment to a roast or part of a salad. Sandra has used them in her fabulous mac ‘n’ cheese where their sharp flavour contrasts nicely with the richness of the cheese sauce.

Macaroni cheese with preserved beans

Sandra used the beans in a mac ‘n’ cheese

We will be growing and preserving more climbing French beans this coming season.

If you try this recipe, please let us know how you get on.

2 thoughts on “We have bean impressed

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  2. Fantastic, thanks for the recipe 🙂. We’re growing purple french beans this year, so will definitely be using this way of preserving. One question though, doesn’t it use an awful lot of oil?


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